Xoom 3.6.5 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Xoom 3.6.5. This is a minor release that includes various bug fixes, and  general improvements such as: improved error reporting when Xoom service isn’t running; the reporting of Xoom misconfiguration and fault; and the ability to update the key collection of an existing key property.


  • Improved error reporting in all client tools when the targeted Xoom service is not running. The error message is now more specific.
  • Added interpretations for the ClickSchedule tuning tool UI.
  • Improved the interpretation of property panel multi-value nodes in the ClickSchedule Web Client configuration.
  • Implemented basic Xoom misconfiguration and fault reporting logic. The motivation for this is that under certain circumstances the misconfiguration of Xoom could lead to data corruption on the target system. The misconfiguration of XML tweakies, and of the results of SXP calls that are required for interpreting configuration data, are now detected and reported.
  • We now allow the updating of the key collection of an existing key property (in Service Optimization schema). This is consistent with the behaviour of the Structure Tool. The behaviour is controlled via a new parameter Product.W6.Scheme.AllowKeyCollectionUpdates, which defaults to false.

Bug fixes

  • The general bad reference (@xoom:ref=”!!BadRef!!”) is no longer interpreted as a reference to an unknown type called “!!BadRef!!”.
  • Any types not present in the target database during import are now correctly extracted from the imported Xoom file, preventing bogus “Undefined type” errors.