Xoom 3.8.4 has been released

This is a minor patch release fixing a single bug that caused a misconfiguration to be reported and the interpretation stopped in some rare cases where the situation wasn’t actually an error but a arose from different XML representations in different versions of Service Optimization. The warning with a descriptive message is now issued instead, and the interpretation continues.

Xoom 3.8.3 has been released

This is a patch release implementing the following changes:

  • Convenience types “Action Type” and “Roster Get Candidates Policy” were added to knowledge base, References Report and Bad References Report.
  • The interpretation of ClickRoster configuration, generic events and reports were improved.
  • Corpus capture functionality was also improved. Among other things, Xoom Corpus Generator now captures more relevant information, which decreases the probability of missing the information required for the creation of custom Xoom installers.

Xoom 3.8.2 has been released

This is a minor patch release that fixes a bug in the Service Optimization scheme implementation that previously required newly created collection’s ProductName to be globally unique. On the Service Optimization side, this requirement is only true for top-level collections, while for child collections (such as multi-values) ProductName only needs to be unique within the scope of their parent collection. The fix takes this into account and corrects the behaviour.