We offer a range of services that are focused on Xoom and the product ecosystem around Xoom. Some such services are:

  • Implementing support for product customisations within Xoom. This includes knowledge base changes, definition of custom queries, custom Xoom reports and transformations, and Xoom customisations (should those ever be required). The result of this service is a custom Xoom installer that includes all implemented customisations. We routinely offer this service to all our new clients, but it is also recommended to repeat it whenever new customisations with significant configuration of their own get installed.
  • Installation and configuration support for Xoom, including the setup of configuration versioning, implementation of custom automated workflows and implementation of custom tools. Examples include a synchronisation tool allowing the time horizon for a product upgrade to be extended to months due to special logistical needs of personnel in extremely remote and poorly connected locations, and a gradual introduction of new configuration over a month (with automated daily adjustment of relevant configuration) in order to avoid a cliff-edge transition and see the potential problems coming long before they become operational.
  • Configuration extract and reports service helps implementers get up to speed with their new clients.
  • Upgrading with Xoom service offers support for a streamlined product upgrade that avoids a lot of common complexities and risks.