Xoom is a configuration management solution that consolidates configuration from different sources, drills down into details, and understands inter-dependencies between various configuration items. This enables it to reliably and safely retrieve, analyse and modify configuration. Xoom works well regardless of whether the change is small and localised, or entire configuration is being analysed or transported from one environment to another.

Despite its power, Xoom significantly simplifies all tasks related to configuration management, including:

  • making configuration changes
    Working around the limitations and deficiencies of the manual configuration process, Xoom improves both the efficiency and reliability of the change workflow through full automation, and provides the ability to audit and reverse the changes.
  • transporting configuration from one system to another
    Xoom provides the essential capability of taking a full or partial configuration from one system to another in a fully or partially automated way, without the need for manually ordering the steps for deployment. Xoom even successfully resolves circular dependencies.
  • analysing, visualising and understanding configuration
    Essential for quality system maintenance, this capability allows our customers to get a high-level view of various aspects of the configuration, enabling them to detect subtle misconfigurations and performance bottlenecks. Addressing these issues can have real impact on better utilisation of hardware resources and more consistent application of business rules, leading to noticeable operational improvements in the field.
  • modifying configuration in response to business demands
    With Xoom, configurations for various market conditions (high demand leading to longer appointment windows, stormy weather causing the scrapping of appointments, marketing campaign accompanied by increased staffing and other operational changes) can be prepared and tested in advance, and rapidly and reliably deployed when needed without any interruption of service.

Xoom currently offers full support for the internal configuration (scheme, configuration, master data and user templates) of ClickSoftware Service Optimization versions 7.5 and 8.X, and for everything apart from scheme on Field Service Edge (although the scheme can be inspected and compared, just not deployed).

ClickSoftware customers and partners are encouraged to take a look at the overview of Xoom features, Xoom for Service Optimization brochure, as well as the presentation documenting the most important Xoom for Service Optimization use cases in a friendly way. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, want more information, wish to schedule a demo or want to receive a quote.

More detailed technical documentation about Xoom can be found at the Xoom Documentation Library.