About Us

We are an independent software development company with an innovative and original product portfolio currently targeting the deployment and maintenance of ClickSoftware Service Optimization suite, but planning to offer the same capabilities to a wider set of product vendors from the middle of 2018 onwards.

Zany Ants Ltd was founded in 2007 by Marko Žerdin, a former member of the ClickSoftware’s Algorithms Team and ClickSoftware Logic Services Team.

We have intimate knowledge of ClickSoftware products and active experience since 2000. Our mission and experience has been to support ClickSoftware clients and implementers powerful tools to add value to ClickSoftware products, making them more valuable and easier to use, manage and deploy.

What’s in the Name?

Ant Colony Optimisation is a set of some of the most powerful algorithms for solving optimisation problems that include routing considerations, and field-service scheduling is one such problem. The algorithms are inspired by the way ants mark the way to the food sources they located during foraging and direct other ants to help with subsequent retrieval, leading to gradual improvement in the path to the food source and resilience to emerging obstacles.

The company name is inspired by the behaviour of such virtual ants. The “zany” part refers to our slightly unorthodox approach to business where we give priority to the business value of software and services even when such considerations may make monetisation harder. In essence, our approach is to look at the software first as users of said software, eliminating potential annoyances and obstacles to adoption and use within organisations, and only then as software vendors.