Configuration extract and reports

How do you approach a new Service Optimization customer that hasn’t purchased Xoom yet, particularly if this is an established, mature setup? Typically, you would initially spend a lot of time clicking around within Service Optimization Administration Tool, trying to familiarise yourself with the way things are configured and document said configuration for future reference. This would be a very laborious and error-prone task, not to mention that it would potentially significantly extend the time when actual improvements to the system could even be considered, resulting in a significant opportunity cost.

We offer a service that gives you a head start in this process:

  1. We send you Xoom Corpus Generator.
  2. You run the tool in order to capture the corpus on the environment that you wish to understand, and send the corpus to us.
  3. We use the corpus to extract the full configuration, and produce all Xoom reports. The XoomXML file and the reports effectively document the configuration and master data, including structure, logic configuration, bad references and dependencies in both directions.

Please feel free to get in touch for more information and a quote.