Changing ClickSofware username and password used by Xoom (technical)

In order to connect to Service Optimization, Xoom is provided with a username and password during its installation. We recommend that a dedicated user is created for Xoom which doesn’t have any other rights, including the right of remote access to the server on which Xoom is installed, and with a password that doesn’t expire. When that is not possible and there is a policy that all passwords need to expire after a certain amount of time, we provide a way to set this password for Xoom through the command line tool called XoomToolkit. Continue reading Changing ClickSofware username and password used by Xoom (technical)

Xoom for Service Optimization brochure

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Configuration Management in Enterprise Software

Contemporary enterprise software, including ClickSoftware Service Optimization, needs to be highly adaptable to fit in with the variety of IT applications in use today and to be able to model the diversity of business problems and workflows used to address them. In order to achieve this adaptability, these applications’ configurations contain thousands of parameters of different kinds. Continue reading Xoom for Service Optimization brochure

Zany Ants web site is now live!

The new web site is now live. The main Xoom reference remains the existing Xoom wiki, although most of its content will gradually be updated and moved here. We hope you find the new web site useful and informative, and we welcome any feedback you may have.

Happy New Year 2012!