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Xoom 3.12.2 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Xoom 3.12.2. This is a minor patch release containing the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • The minimum version of SXP Extensions for Service Optimization has been bumped to 5.4.0 in order to ensure that the functionality introduced in Xoom 3.12 is indeed always available regardless of whether this is a new installation or an upgrade of Xoom. The most important impact of this change is on SOT Toolkit users.
  • Added minor changes to the knowledge base in order to improve support in particular of central settings in the Custom category.

Xoom 3.11.3 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of Xoom 3.11.3. This is another important hotfix that contains a number of bug fixes and other changes:

  • Fixed the bug where during the analysis references to non-root items (such as Service Optimization’s multi-value collections) resulted in an erroneous reporting of bad references.
  • When XoomXML is loaded for analysis or deployment, items belonging to types that are not known to Xoom are now identified, an error is reported, and the items in question are then excluded from any further processing.
  • Dramatically improved the performance of analysis prior to deployment.
  • Introduced detailed logging of errors during the update of the current configuration representation after the changes to the configuration have been made by Xoom.
  • Stack trace is now always included in the exception entries in the log files, making the understanding of errors encountered during the use of Xoom easier.

Xoom 3.11.2 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of Xoom 3.11.2. This is an important hotfix that fixes the following bugs:

  • Fixed a bug where any reference to any new contained items (such as for example a reference to any property in a new collection) loaded into Settings Migration Tool was mis-identified as a bad reference during analysis on Xoom 3.11 server.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an unknown method error being reported for GetDepthLimitedOuterXml method, resulting in deployment failing to complete.
  • Prevented a few situations in Settings Migration Tool that could cause a Null Reference Exception to be thrown.

Xoom 3.11 has been released

We are very proud to announce the release of Xoom 3.11. This release contains significant performance improvements and many new features, as well as a number of stability enhancements and bug fixes. It consolidates the functionality offered by Xoom 3, including the capabilities needed for Service Optimization Tuning Toolkit, as development moves towards cloud-friendly and truly multi-product Xoom 4 and beyond.
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Xoom 3.10.7 has been released

This is a bug fix release addressing the following two bugs:

  • Due to other changes related to performance improvements in Xoom 3.10.6, Revision and Stamp were accidentally no longer removed prior to the SXP message modifying an item being sent to Service Optimization. This resulted in the error message “Object was updated in database by another server process” being reported when Revision or Stamp was newer in the object in the Service Optimization database. The fix restores the correct behaviour.
  • Object Reference changes weren’t immediately reflected in Xoom internal type system even when the change to Object Reference setting was done using Xoom. (The change itself was performed correctly, and restarting Xoom service correctly reflected the updated type system.) This behaviour was now fixed, and the change to the type system is picked up immediately without any further user intervention.

Xoom 3.10.5 has been released

This is a minor release containing an important change required in automated upgrade scenarios.

When the upgraded scheme contains one or more properties that don’t exist on the old system, deploying a XoomXML from the old system would previously cause those properties’ values to be deleted. The behaviour has been changed in this release, and those properties will now keep the value they already have in the updated system. This avoids the need to pre-populate the XoomXML file with up-to-date data prior to deployment in such scenarios, which is a cumbersome and time consuming step.

We are not currently aware of any situations where this change is undesirable since persistent differences in the scheme only ever happen in upgrade scenarios.