Xoom 3.11.3 has been released

We are happy to announce the release of Xoom 3.11.3. This is another important hotfix that contains a number of bug fixes and other changes:

  • Fixed the bug where during the analysis references to non-root items (such as Service Optimization’s multi-value collections) resulted in an erroneous reporting of bad references.
  • When XoomXML is loaded for analysis or deployment, items belonging to types that are not known to Xoom are now identified, an error is reported, and the items in question are then excluded from any further processing.
  • Dramatically improved the performance of analysis prior to deployment.
  • Introduced detailed logging of errors during the update of the current configuration representation after the changes to the configuration have been made by Xoom.
  • Stack trace is now always included in the exception entries in the log files, making the understanding of errors encountered during the use of Xoom easier.