Xoom 3.11.5 has been released

We are proud to announce the release of Xoom 3.11.5. This is a minor release containing functional improvements and bug fixes. Details below.

XML tweaky behaviour

The behaviour of XML tweaky has been improved in two ways.

When allow-malformed-xml is used and malformed XML is actually encountered, the element containing said XML is marked with attribute malformed-xml=”true” and its original state is completely preserved.

We also introduced new functionality that is enabled by attribute unescape-xml-if-required=”true” on the XML tweaky configuration in the knowledge base. In this case, if XML tweaky encounters escaped XML string (i.e. with entities such as &lt; for <, for example), then the XML string is automatically unescaped and annotated with either deploy-as-escaped-xml=”Yes” if all entities should be used, or as deploy-as-escaped-xml=”KeepQuotes” if double quotes should be kept intact in the escaped XML. This change allowed us to simplify the knowledge base and increase the accuracy of interpretation, in particular in Service Optimization’s GIS ProvidersListSettings.

Parameters in the knowledge base

Parameter processing instruction now takes a full dot-delimited parameter name as its attribute. The value can be specified either via value attribute or as content of the parameter element.


<xpi:parameter name="Product.W6.Objects.Retrieval.ExcludedCollections">

Service Optimization object references

When object reference for a particular Service Optimization collection contains a single long property (including its primary Key but excluding references to other objects), Service Optimization creates an element element with the said property name within each reference to such object when using XML serialisation. For example, if MobileAsset is identified by AssetNumber of type long, then a reference to a MobileAsset inside another object would look like this:

<MobileAsset Key="1166123008" DisplayString="Super Duper Mobile Asset">

Xoom now correctly handles this exceptional situation.