Xoom 3.6.6 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Xoom 3.6.6. This includes a number of functional improvements, such as an improved References report; and greatly improved performance of configuration retrieval.


  • The References report now correctly treats built-in subset (such as Logic Domain, which is subset of Setting) and convenience types (such as Agent Instance, Agent Type or Task Property) by taking into account their multiple identities.  Items with multiple identities now occur in the report, which lists references for all items in the configuration sorted alphabetically by their ID, at every place where one of the identities would be listed (and was listed in the past). The main difference is that all identities are now stated at each appearance, together with the item’s dependencies and dependents.
  • Added logging information for monitoring the performance of lock and unlock operations in large Service Optimization server farms.
  • Added the ability to export individual user settings. The new behaviour is controlled by a new parameter Product.W6.Objects.IncludeUserDefinedUserSettings, which defaults to false. User setting templates are always included in an export but this new parameter controls whether export should also include individual user settings. Note: This feature should be used with caution. User settings are not really suitable for transportation and cannot be interpreted by Xoom – that is, they are exported and imported in their raw form. Nevertheless, we have added this capability to satisfy a few limited customer requests and have decided to make it generally available.
  • Added the ability to include two types of transactional information from the Setting collection – agent status and agent triggers – that would ordinarily be excluded during export. This behaviour is controlled by two new parameters – Product.W6.Objects.IncludeAgentsStatusSettings and Product.W6.Objects.IncludeAgentsTriggersSettings – both of which default to false. Note: The need to enable this functionality is limited to advanced automation cases where the monitoring of the triggering and running of agents is required, and would not normally be useful. Settings Migration Tool will by default exclude the import of these settings even when they had been imported and saved in the Xoom file that is being imported.
  • Increased the information that the AutoCapture tool gathers in a corpus, allowing the resulting corpora to be more broadly useful. As a result, running AutoCapture takes somewhat longer than before.
  • Significant improvement in configuration retrieval with run time halved in best cases.