Xoom 3.6.4 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Xoom 3.6.4. This is a minor release that adds several improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added a Start Menu shortcut for the ‘read-only’ version of Settings Migration Tool.
  • Additional interpretations for lunch break settings.
  • Improved the resilience of Xoom behaviour in cases where references are mistakenly declared on structurally incompatible nodes. Such instances no longer lead to data corruption. Instead, bad references are reported on unsuitable elements.

Bug fixes

  • The export of items now correctly handles those rare cases where IDs contain both single and double quotes. The situation where an ID contained both quotation characters previously resulted in an error.
  • An error was previously reported in situations where a logging directory had been deleted. Now the directory is recreated prior to the import if it doesn’t exist, allowing the import to proceed without a problem.