Xoom 3.6.3 has been released

We are pleased to announce the release of Xoom 3.6.3. This release introduces a number of new features, such as: a ‘read-only’ mode in Settings Migration Tool; improved logging; and increased breadth of XPath expressions supported to describe the configuration. Import performance has also been significantly improved.

New features

  • Very significant performance improvement (of up to 85%) during import.
  • Settings Migration Tool now has a read-only mode. In this mode the tool performs all its regular functions (export, configuration exploration and environment comparison) but actual import is blocked to prevent accidents. Trigger this mode by starting the tool with the --readOnly command line parameter.  ‘(Read Only)’ will be indicated in the window’s title bar. This is a ‘per instance’ flag, so another instance of Settings Migration Tool started in a normal way will have full functionality.
  • Added ‘Roster Logic Domain’ as a convenience type that can be referenced from the rest of the configuration.
  • Added the interpretation for ‘System Agents’ agent type.
  • Xoom log files (in XoomLog folder within the main Xoom installation folder) now record not only a time stamp, but also the name of the user that triggered the import. If the user information is not available, the logging reverts to just recording a time stamp.
  • The variety of supported XPath expressions has been significantly increased. This means that Xoom can now support the interpretation of significantly more complex configuration structures without the need for customisation and coding.