Xoom 3.10.1 has been released

This is a minor patch release that contains bug fixes and some minor functional improvements.

  • Added a new version of agents timeline report called AgentsTimeline_Parallel. The new report is very useful for seeing how many agents are scheduled to run in parallel on each server.
  • Structure Report now identifies the situation where a Key is used as item key (object reference), which prevents such items from being transported using Xoom, as Keys aren’t unique or distinctive between different environments.
  • ExtractMobileWebTemplateFormsPropertiesEverntsForXoomSet transformation now contains separate parameters for specifying which forms (FormTypes) and additional properties (AdditionalPropertiesTypes) instead of a single parameter (ObjectTypes) in the previous version.
  • Modified ExtractScheduleTemplateFormsForXoomSet transformation so that it correctly handles the two special cases of object types: TaskAssignment and CrewAllocation.
  • Introduced option maxItemsInDir to XoomProcessor (defaults to 0, which means unlimited). If this option is specified, Xoom directories that have more than that number of items will be split into 8 or, if the limit is 8 times this parameter value, 64 directories, the names of which will be appended by one or two octal digit, respectively, and the items will be placed into the folder that matches the last one or two octal digit of their identities hash (ensuring that the same item will always be placed in the same folder in a configuration versioning scenario). The reason for this option was that having folders with large number of files in some virtualisation scenarios caused extremely poor performance.
  • [FIXED] All four transformations for extracting parts of ClickMobile templates generate ClickSchedule web client templates instead.
  • [FIXED] xoom:set special form doesn’t correctly support namespaces in its path.
  • [FIXED] Transformations dropdown in Xoom Explorer is too small to see the full names of all transformations.