Xoom 3.10.4 has been released

We are excited to announce the release of Xoom 3.10.4. This is a maintenance release addressing the following issues:

  • XoomProcessor (xp.exe) is now truly a stand-alone executable. Previously it expected nlog.config file to be located next to it.
  • Changes in scheme implementation now enable Xoom to create custom multi-value collections with non-standard table names. This functionality is useful in upgrade scenarios, in particular where the two versions in question are quite far apart and custom collections in the old version were created using non-standard tools, typically by hand-crafted SQL scripts.
  • Xoom now correctly handles scheme deployment with extensive use of xoom:set special form, such as deployment of all user-defined properties using xoom:set in upgrade scenarios. Previously, there were circumstances where false differences were identified during deployment (although not deployed), and the deployment was sometimes cut short and had to be done in stages.
  • Assignment collection on the list of excluded dictionaries (a Service Optimization setting) is now handled correctly.