Xoom 3.7.5 has been released

Xoom 3.7.5 is a patch release that includes the following changes:

  • Object References are no longer sorted by object name. The decision to make this change was made due to the fact that we encountered a single case where the sorting resulted in a functional error. The sorting was previously considered (and still is, according to ClickSoftware’s product documentation) to be an entirely safe convenience feature making it easier to look up object references using Xoom tools, XoomXML files and Service Optimization Administration tool.
  • Both the readability and usability of Bad References Report have been improved. By displaying the value of the element that contains the actual bad reference, the report now makes it easier to decide whether the remedy for each particular bad reference is in the configuration or in the knowledge base (i.e. in the erroneous interpretation of the configuration).